Safer at Home

Home Medical Monitoring

With MiHealth Technology we have the ability to monitor many medical problems from the comfort of your home. Doctors use basic vital signs (weight, blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen level) to look at your health during an office visit. Now we have the ability to not only look at your basic vital sign at home but see how they may be changing on a day-to-day basis. For example, is that new medicine working as expected?

In addition by leveraging advanced technology available through a simple Fitbit the MiHealth platform can also look deeper into your body physiologic response to your daily activity. We can check in on your daily routine heart rate response. Using the MiHealth app, we can contact you with routine questions about your health and use the HIPPA secure text / voice / video function to make sure that you are doing well.

If we detect a potential problem, we can coordinate care with your primary physician, specialist or you can have a telehealth visit with our physicians.

There is just a comfort in knowing that someone is watching over you,
looking after your health, especially in these times.

Take control of your health... safely at home
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