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Remote Health Monitoring Unlocks Technology's Potential

An interview with Kirk G. Voelker, MD

Why should you consider remote health monitoring?

Remote health monitoring is a process which allows us to gather biometric information like blood pressure, physical activity, heart rate, oxygen level and weight at-home via personal Bluetooth devices and beam it to the cloud where your doctor and monitoring team can properly interpret and review it. Essentially, it is a way to have a team watching over your health on a daily basis, from the comfort of your own home.

Is remote health monitoring available in Sarasota?

MiHealth Monitoring is a Sarasota based company that leverages the biometric information available on wearable fitness trackers in addition to standard medical devices. By looking at minute by minute heart rate and step data, we can not only tell how far you have walked but how fast you have walked and how your heart rate has responded. This gived our monitoring team a more robust look into someone's dynamic physiology in their own environment. This is something that you just can't get during the average doctor's office visit. As a physician, engineer and clinical researcher bringing innovative medicines and devices to Sarasota for over 25 years, I see this is literally the next evolution in healthcare.

Is the program only for patients that are monitoring a disease or condition?

initially we developed this program to allow patients to recuperate safely at home after discharge from the hospital. That science then led to home rehabilitation programs for those with chronic disease such as emphysema. We have now expanded to include wellness, nutrition and exercise programs for those who desire to be a better version of themselves and just need a little structure and support.

How does the program work?

With your permission, the MiHealth app allows HIPAA compliant text, voice and video communication with our monitoring team and physicians from the safety of your home. We can send routine health questionnaires, informative articles and videos and even keep track of your nutrition using phone's camera. If we detect a potential problem, we contact you and then coordinate care with your primary physician or specialist. Alternatively, we can arrange a telehealth visit with our physicians. There is just a comfort in knowing that someone is wathcing over you, looking after your health, especially in these times.

This is literally the next evolution in healthcare.

Has remote health monitoring been useful during COVID?

COVID has definitely disrupted medical care, but out of this disruption has come innovation. We have used this system to monitor COVID patients safely at home. One major effect that COVID has had on most of us is in the isolation and inactivity of sheltering in place. So many of us have collectively dug ourselves into an emotional and physical rut. It is time to start taking control of our lives and treat our bodies better. That is where we come in, encouraging and walking you step by step to a healthier version of yourself.

Does Medicare cover remote monitoring?

Yes, traditional Medicare covers remote monitoring for many conditions ranging from heart and lung problems to just being overweight or deconditioned.

How does one start a program?

If you have Medicare, all you have to do is call us at 833.200.2777 for more information.

Take control of your health... safely at home
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