With MiHEALTH Monitoring you can transition from hospital to home to healing with the confidence of knowing that someone is looking out for you. Have you ever wondered why it is that in the hospital they are taking your vital signs several times a day (even waking you up for these important measurements) but then when you leave the hospital, you are on your own? Many people feel isolated and concerned after leaving the hospital asking themselves "Now what's next"? What if you had a whole healthcare team checking on you at home? Welcome to the world of telemedicine and MiHealth Monitoring.

Health Monitoring

What is Remote Health Monitoring?

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is a technology to enable monitoring of patients outside of conventional clinical settings like hospitals or doctors’ offices.
With Bluetooth devices, you can check your own basic vital signs, such as temperature, blood pressure, oxygen level, pulse and weight, right in your own home. This information is then sent to the cloud where your healthcare team can view and analyze the trends in your day to day activity.

What Makes MiHEALTH Monitoring special?

Our activities are backed with the determination of our professionals. Our team members put their best in order design and develop excellent products without compromising in terms of quality and technology. Their constant support enables us to meet the organizational objectives with utmost competence.

What Makes Mi HEALTH Monitoring special?

The MiHEALTH Monitoring System uses advanced monitoring technology combined with artificial intelligence (as well as real person intelligence) to monitor your day to day activity and vitals.

By Processing this information we can understand your basic activity level and pick up on when you deviate from your nor mal patterns (like when you don’t feel good).

With the MiHEALTH Monitoring app, your healthcare team can ask health questions to get a more complete the picture of your day to day health. Your healthcare team can also use the MiHEALTH app to communicate via text, voice or video.

What is it not

MiHEALTH monitoring program is designed to look at health trends over time. It is NOT designed to be a “real time” vital signs monitoring service or an emergency service.

Does Medicare Cover Mi HEALTH monitoring?

Yes MiHEALTH monitoring is covered by Medicare. Standard copay may apply.

What do I need to start?

You must have a phone or tablet capable of downloading and running Android or Apple applications (apps).

What Makes Mi HEALTH Monitoring special?

Each health monitoring kit comes with our MiHEALTH Monitoring app and blood pressure cuff. You will have the option of adding any of the following to enhance our understanding of your day to day health.

  • FitBit Activity Trackers
  • Scale
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Thermometer
  • WiFi enabled tablet




Year of Experience

There is no reason that a chronic health problem should make you feel isolated. You now have a team to watch over you.
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