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How can remote monitoring add to my patient care?

Designed for the future by developing unique utilization of evolving wearable technology to give healthcare providers insight to a patient’s health. The MiHealth platform allows physicians to practice the art of medicine while providing an intuitive and robust dataset.

MiHealth platform enables physicians to gain a better understanding of their patient’s chronic diseases by remotely monitoring a patient’s dynamic physiology. In medicine, there is a balance between art and science. MiHealth seeks to apply the art of medicine to current and future wearable technology. By using derivative functions of the standard Bluetooth enabled medical devices and wearable technology, we can asynchronously give physicians better insight into a patient’s day to day health and detect early perturbations of physiology.

MiHealth’s dedicated smartphone app provides HIPAA compliant text, voice and video communication to facilitate telemedicine. In addition, the MiHealth app allows scheduled and real time patient self-assessment questions. Patient answers are displayed in easily interpretable graphics on a cloud based dashboard. Educational material in the form of images, documents and videos is easily pushed to patients through the MiHealth smartphone app.

The MiHealth provider dashboard is designed with efficient clinical workflow in mind. It utilizes artificial intelligence to interpret and display remote monitoring data, striking a balance between alerting of concerning trends and avoiding alarm fatigue. Intuitive dashboard workflow allows the healthcare provider to dive deep into physiologic data with helpful graphic trend analysis. Intuitive, robust and easy to use, the MiHealth platform allows the physician to apply data to the art of medicine.

MiHealth Rehabilitation

With MiHealth you can prescribe a home rehabilitation program and follow your patient’s compliance.

MiHealth Wellness

Diet and exercise are the cornerstone to good patient health. If it came in a pill, physicians wouldprescribe it for everyone. Until now there has been no way to prescribe a wellness program and make sure that your patients are actually following that prescription. MiHealth allows you to either create your own program or submit a diet and exercise prescription to our team. Our counselors and nutritionists will help guide your patients into a new healthier life. You do the monitoring, we do the counseling.


The benefits to your patients are obvious, what about you and your practice? MiHealth allows you to work smarter not harder. Whether you are a physician looking to decrease workload while still being productive or looking for an additional way to improve your practices revenue cycle, we have a solution for you. Call MiHealth for a physician to physician discussion on how MiHealth can improve not only your patient care but your quality of life.

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